Organizing the Kitchen: The Spice Cabinet

A recent tweet from @steamykitchen made me think about organization. I try to keep myself organized as much as possible. Most of the time, I win. At other times…well, not so much.

But, one place where my organization works is my spice shelf. I am quite the perfectionist about how the spice shelf is organized as I love to cook varying types of cuisines. So, as you can imagine, I have spices and herbs ranging from allspice to caraway seeds to turmeric.

Spices and Herbs with Labels

As soon as I buy a new spice, I label it.

I borrowed the concept of spice organization from my cousin, Leslie. I remember visiting her home one evening during my college years in Atlanta and browsing through her kitchen for something to eat. She had this amazing rotating cabinet filled with just about every spice and herb available in the grocery store. Since the cabinet was below the counter, all one was able to view were the tops of the containers. So, her ingenious idea: write each name of the contents on the top of the container using a permanent marker. The idea is so simple, but yet very effective.

When I moved from the dorms and into my own apartment a few years later, I remembered Leslie’s spice cabinet and took it a step further with a label maker. The label maker (using the white tape) provides added flexibility to write in different font styles, font sizes, symbols, and on multiple lines, to name a few examples.

So, with minimal effort, you can begin your career as an organizing pro in the kitchen!

If you have other ideas on how to organize your kitchen (or life, in general), I would love to read about them.

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