Little Steps

I have learned from my journey in bringing Savor Baking Company to life that it is necessary to take little steps. I mentioned in a previous post that I had a drastic career shift last year. I will not rehash details here. But that entire experience was a BIG (and I mean HUGE) change for me. I questioned my decision thousands of times, but I never regretted it.

The decision, however, did lead me to seek advice from a career counselor. In hindsight, it was one of the best things that I could have done for myself. From those numerous meetings (thanks, Tracie!) I came away with a few pieces of sage advice, the most important of which was that it is okay to try something new. I know it sounds simple, but it spoke volumes to me. I remember having a conversation with Tracie regarding the desire to start what would become Savor and my trepidation surrounding the idea. She told me that rather jumping in to the proverbial water, that it was okay to put my “toe” in.

The metaphor gave me enough confidence to push forward with the business idea albeit with smaller steps. I had many conversations with friends and family regarding my thoughts. And I tested a few recipes of different cakes and other pastry items. But I realized that I needed to hear from a pool of potential customers. So I decided to host a “dessert tasting” for friends and family at my condo.

Pre-Dessert Tasting. I think this was at the end of Day 2.

I spent a full three days preparing for the tasting by making multiple cakes and cookies. Thankfully, about 25 friends and family attended who were all eager to see what this party was about. (I will forever be grateful to them for doing so. Especially since I gave them over-baked food! Note: this was before I discovered the priceless necessity of an oven thermometer) I requested that everyone give honest feedback using a simple survey that I had made prior to the party. I determined that the feedback would be the deciding factor on whether or not to pursue the business any further.

Dessert Tasting cakes on display

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging! The confidence that I gained led me to begin the (next) big step of my small business journey: deciding on a name! Once I had the name figured out, it was almost like a snowball effect of new decisions to be made. But I’ll save the rest for future posts in the LSBO series (yeah, I know…great teaser, huh?).

Anyway, the take-home lesson here is that it is perfectly normal to start small. Test out the waters with your toe first. If everything feels right after that, go on and sink your foot in. You will be glad you tried.

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4 Responses to Little Steps

  1. Charla Blanchard says:

    Small Steps have led to GIANT Steps. I am just so sad I missed the dessert tasting party because the apple caramel cheesecake looked good even then. On a more serious note, I predict great things for the future of SAVOR and its owner. You have some of the best desserts I have tasted and with the can-do attitude you are on your way to an even more SUCCESSFUL company. I cannot wait to say: “I was there from the beginning.”

  2. Nichol Robinson says:

    I am at a career crossroads and needed to hear “test out the waters with your toe first.” That was definitely confirmation. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Every thing looks mouth watering, and delicious.

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