Getting Back on Track

Hello, everyone. My name is Lexyne and I am a start addict.

What is a start addict? Well, for me, it goes a little like this: I start something. And then I start something else. And then I start another thing, until I have multiple tasks that can (sometimes) get a little overwhelming–especially when they need to be finished simultaneously. Call me a glutton for multi-tasking, but that is how I have always been.

Inevitably, one of the things that I started gets neglected. Case in point: this blog. I began with the intent of writing monthly. Then that changed to weekly. But since this summer, I have written nothing. What happened? Well…life.

I found a new job. And, in the meantime, I found a new location for Savor. It has been an exciting and busy time, to say the least. And, I welcome the new directions in my life as change is good. Yet, during these last few months, I realized that I need also to maintain a healthy dose of creative expression.

I used to write stories as a child; but I pushed that creative portion of myself to the side over the years as I focused more on school and my career. Still, I miss writing. A lot. So this post begins my effort to get back on track.

OK. Enough confessions for the day. I took the first step. Now, on to the next one…

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1 Response to Getting Back on Track

  1. Tori says:

    So glad to see you back writing again! I was wondering what happened to you! Talk to you soon.

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