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4 Super Cleaning Products

Have you ever walked down the cleaning aisle in the grocery store and just looked at the hundreds of products? Among the sea of brightly-colored labels, you know there is a bottle, spray, or wipe that will clean and disinfect … Continue reading

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The Great Pumpkin

By the end of every October in the United States, one is likely to see pumpkins (or winter squash) in grocery stores or out on neighbors’ lawns as part of a Halloween display. Indeed, Halloween serves as the first “official” … Continue reading

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Red Velvet, Red Velvet

Growing up in the South has had an immense influence on the products that I bake. Pound cakes and pies maintained a common presence on the Sunday dinner table. The best of these sweet treats were scratch-baked from memory, as … Continue reading

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Measuring Ingredients

I do not know exactly when I first held a measuring cup in my hand. But I do remember that the many times that my mother and I made sweet potato pies we did not measure ingredients. In fact, if … Continue reading

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Savor @ 350 Degrees…What’s in a name?

You can never go wrong with 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or 350F) if you are baking or cooking any food in the oven. For my fellow bakers who use the metric system, that is roughly 175 degrees Celsius or Gas Mark … Continue reading

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